Monday, April 30, 2012

Sadness: smiling to sadness, Ag Achilios.

Sadness: painting sadness, Psarades village.

Sadness: depressed beauty, Psarades village.

Pride: Pride for every beauty saved from the dust of time, Vasiliki Ag. Achiliou.

Pride: Αg. Germanos village, where churches have survived through centuries and make natives proud, Ag. Athanasios church.

Pride: exploring hidden places through the eyes of proud natives, on the way to "Triethnes".

Love: in love with the quitness of the landscape, Ag. Achilios.

Love: in love with the reflections, Psarades village.

Love: falling in love with the simplicity of this place, Psarades village.

Happiness: working in a such a beautiful place, fisherman at Psarades village.

Happiness: every human look behind this scene meets happiness, Ag. Achilios.

Happiness: sad happiness, PsarHappiness: sad happiness, Psarades village.ades village.

Friendship: a friendly native at Psarades village.

Friendship: friendship can not be given, it is gained. Grandfather & grandson walking on a floating bridge hand by hand, Ag. Achilios.

Friendship: friendly & hospitable natives open their houses for you, Microlimni village.